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Orthopedic problems
Orthopedic nutritional supplement products Collagen UC-II extract imported from US See our products
Slide Eye care nutritional supplement product Lutein and Zeaxanthin for eye care with highest quality See our products Slide Omega 3-6-9 from Sacha Inchi Research and produce by researcher, penetrating to market in Thailand See our products Slide Fiber detox nutrient solution Easy brewing, nice taste, detoxing waste from intestine See our products

Awards and Certification

Universal Standard

Acquire full Universal standard : ISO 9001 :2015, HALAL, FDA, Codex GMP, HACCP, Green Industry which are reliable international standards and achieve many certification of Thailand


World Class Fish oil extract from Epax.

World Class Zeaxanthin extract from Optisharp

Type-II collagen extract imported from importation.

Licaps capsules specially designed, imported from Japan.

Certification standards from the Food and Drug Administration

Productions certified standard GMP

Productions certified standard ISO 9001:2015

Productions certified standard HACCP

Productions certified standard Green Industry

Certification standards Department of International Trade Promotion

Certification from the Office of Enterprise Promotion

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