Fiber detox
nutrient solution

Easy brewing, nice taste, detoxing waste from intestine

Which effective of Fibeto?

Detoxing the waste from intestine, stimulating excretion, effective excretion, and also helping better digestion, decreasing constipation, adjusting the excretion balance

Lower abdomen

Easy to defacate


Clearing toxic substances



Natural substances for your health

Detoxing, Easy drink, Delicious

Only tearing a pack of Fibeto, brew, and drink before night sleeping, you will feel to effective detoxing upon you wake up, better excretion, lower the belly, skinny abdomen, and also get far from the disease



balancing you excretion


sweetener instead of sugar, no effective to blood glucose

Fiber powder

decreasing Cholesterol, controlling blood glucose

Red orange complex

controlling antioxidant to be balance

Ruby fruit extracted

lifting wrinkles and dark spots on face

Strawberry extracted

brightening and regenerating your face

Pineapple extracted

retarding wrinkles and precocious

Butterfly pea extracted

preventing grizzled hair, preventing alopecia

Lime extracted

moisturizing your skin


Impressive Review

Universal Standard

Awards and Certification

Acquire full Universal standard : ISO 9001 :2015, HALAL, FDA, Codex GMP, HACCP, Green Industry which are reliable international standards and achieve many certification of Thailand

Product sales certificate Of the Food and Drug Administration

Productions certified standard GMP

Productions certified standard HACCP

Certification standards from the Food and Drug Administration

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Special price 390 baht
Normal price 690 baht

1 box (contains 7 packs)

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