Omega 3-6-9
from sacha inchi

Research and produce by researcher, penetrating to market in Thailand


Controlling LDL by HDL

Preventing and mitigating Hypertension Heart disease Cerebrovascular paralysis fatty live disease


Cholesterol controlling

Decreasing Triglycerides


Lower the hyper tension

Preventing embolism lower heart disease


Blood glucose controlling

Lower the blood glucose, cause of diabetes and obesity

First brand

in Thailand

Universal Standard

Research and development processing

Sachina’s brand acquired examining and researching proved that extracted oil from sacha inchi contains unsaturated fat acid which necessary to body requirement, it contains omega 3-6-9 over 88% which proving to be HDL to eliminate LDL which causing to NCD and bad diseases

researching and developing by Asst. Prof. Dr. Wichai Jaiwisudhihansa who is the first researcher imported sacha inchi to Thailand


Benefits and Properties

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wichai Jaiwisuthansa Invited on Channel 3 TV program

SACHINA, Outstanding Factory, 100% Organic

Benefits of Sacha Inchi
& Omega 3 6 9


Consisted of

Omega 3

0 %

Helping brain performance and preventing heart disease

Omega 6

0 %

Decreasing LDL and increasing HDL, and also controlling fat and insulin

Omega 9

0 %

Increasing artery performance and immune system


Impressive Review

Universal Standard

Awards and Certification

Acquire full Universal standard : ISO 9001 :2015, HALAL, FDA, Codex GMP, HACCP, Green Industry which are reliable international standards and achieve many certification of Thailand

Department of International Trade Promotion

Department of International Trade Promotion

Certification standards from the Food and Drug Administration

Certification standards from the Food and Drug Administration

Product sales certificate Of the Food and Drug Administration

Productions certified standard GMP

Productions certified standard ISO 9001:2015

Monthly Promotion

Monthly Promotion !!

Special price 890 Baht
Normal price 1190 Baht

1 box (contains 60 capsules)

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